533 Hemlock Ave. The asking price is $12,000

Result below from York County GIS mapping web pages and the City of Rock Hill web pages

MF-15 - Multi-Family-15

The MF-15 district is established and intended to encourage a wide range of medium to high density housing types, especially multiple family development, even though single-family detached, single-family attached, townhouses, and two- to four-family dwellings are also allowed to meet the diverse housing needs of City residents. Neighborhood commercial and complementary uses customarily found in residential zone districts, such as schools, community facilities, religious institutions, and parks and playgrounds are encouraged. The minimum lot area for single-family detached dwellings is five thousand (5,000) square feet. The maximum residential density allowed is fifteen (15) dwelling units per acre. Buildings including street-level non-residential uses may include residential units at a density of up to twenty (20) units per acre


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